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Няхай не пакіне нас Восень


Сапач Тацяна

Publication Place: Мінск

Publication Date: 2008

Editor: Пятровіч Барыс

Graphics Design: Мацур Генадзь

Book Series: Бібліятэчка часопісу Дзеяслоў

Publishing/ Printing House: Медисонт

Sizes: 76с.

ISBN: 978-985-6887-05-8

Copyright © 2008 by Тацяна Сапач, Дзеяслоў

Book Collection:

Tatsiana Sapach is a poetess, journalist and translator. She was born on August 26, 1962 in Markava Village (Maladechna District) and graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Belarusian State University. She did not serve in the army – instead, she got married, gave birth to a daughter and worked in Brest and Gomel TV studios (1982 – 1987). She was the author and founder of Albarosika show on Belarusian Radio (1987 – 1989), an employee of Radio Baltic Waves (2000-2001), one of the auhtors of Political Geography show on Radio Liberty (since 2005), editor and auhtor of Vilnius Writing-Book show on Lithuanian National Television (since 1991) and author of literary translations from Lithuanian and Polish languages. “Autumn” – the collected poems by Tatsiana Sapach – was published in 1992.

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