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Адзінае на патрэбу

Бандарук Канстанцін

Publication Place: Беласток – Прага

Publication Date: 1998

Sizes: 202 с., 21 см

Copyright © Канстанцін Бандарук

Book Collection:

Copy Numbers: MiOKB — [3130], [4967], [4968]

The Only Need is the third book by priest, poet, artist and journalist Father Kanstantsin Bandaruk. Like his two previous titles it features reflections on religious topics. The previous book entitled the Truth Will Liberate You contains several dozen articles on various subjects written within several years. The book includes comments on the Ten Commandments that are always relevant. As the author says, we seem to know them but should always refresh them in our memory. He also reflects on Evangelic weekly readings and tries to answer some controversial questions that believers often ask themselves.

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